About Ambazonia Echoes

CEO & Editor for Ambazonia Echoes, Julius 2019

All stories on Icepi have a price! When they are published here, you can not find them anywhere else in the world. The information is unique. The content is unique. Some of the stories are written after the author have thrown him or herself into the fire, just to become a part of the story! -Just to find out in depth, what is really going on!



We have the most curageous photographer’s, journalists, freelancer’s and writer’s that can be found earth. We sacrifce ourself to find the truth! We have experienced war, poverty, hunger, wealth, death, corruption, prison and all betweeen heaven and hell! We mostly work where you can not see us!

In first hand we sell information to other journalists, reporter’s and those in search for a scoop. The stories are raw material, the articles are filled with links and information to find “what”, “where” and the possible outcome. We give you the key to write a best selling article yourself. This way, it becomes the journalist’s work and not a copy of someone elses!




Important Note: Non of the raw material may be shared “as is” in anyway. The raw material is sold to you with an agreement of confidentiality. Each work belong to the “collector” and investigator. The information inside can be sensitive and cause a multitude of damage if handled wrong. You have to create your own story from the tips, the information and the link’s inside! As soon as the information leave Icepi, you are in full responsibility it!

We are open to the public too!

We also sell ready to go “never before published articles” that are available to the public. This are for those who want non-altered news directly from the source. The price and content differ. We allow all bought articles to be shared, to be altered, to be republished. If the articles are changed in anyway, they are the responsibility of the new author and shall not be linked to Icepi. We do not claim copyright or hold a financial claim, against any new version of already bought articles. We do not take responsiblity for any new version of our articles.

How to share an article?

You can share the locked content as usual and you can explain to your friends what the article says inside!

Price range:

-For professionalists the price can range between €20-€200 ( We strive to keep the prices low for equal opportunities to professionals with different competative conditions )!

-The price for public articles range between $0.20 (two dimes) – $2 (dollars)

What decides the price on a public article?

A two dimes article are a “one page story”. A $2 article can be a “five page story”. The price is also set after news worthyness.

Who is the author?

All articles are signed “Skvaller” and that mean “Gossip” in Swedish or The Editor (which is me, Christine Djerf) We do not expose any source!