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South Africa: 2,000 More Eskom Staff to Lifestyle Audits As Fight Against Corruption Intensifies

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After subjecting almost 400 executives and senior managers to lifestyle audit investigations over the past year, electricity supplier Eskom says it will spread the anti-corruption measure to more employees in key divisions.

Eskom’s investigations, in which Eskom contracts investigators to comb through personal details such as bank accounts and assets of the families of its employees, will begin in the next few weeks in key departments such as procurement and group capital, which is responsible for new capital investments, the utility said on Thursday 28 November 2019.

“The executive committee has mandated that we continue with the lifestyle audits in other risk areas of the business,” said Ishan Bhowani, the acting head of assurance and forensics. Departments that will initially be affected employ about 2,300 people, according to Bhowani.

During the first phase of lifestyle audits, which began in 2018, Eskom investigated 365 of its most senior employees in the E-band (executive and senior managers) level and higher, their spouses and children, said Bhowani. “We asked for bank accounts for the past three years, declarations of assets and liabilities, and matched those against the salaries to determine what the lifestyle should be.”

After initial investigations by a contracted party, Eskom…


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