South Africa: ‘I’m Scared,’ Says Founder of Philippi Horticultural Campaign On Eve of Court Battle

After years of campaigning, the Philippi Horticultural Area Food and Farming Campaign will finally go up against the city, the province and a number of developers in court to fight for the protection and preservation of the most productive horticulture area by hectare in South Africa.

Just twenty minutes from the centre of Cape Town lies the Philippi Horticulture Area (PHA), a piece of land home to hundreds of small-scale farmers who provide the city with up to 80% of its fresh vegetables. It is green, fertile and unaffected by the drought.

Two years after Daily Maverick conducted an investigation to try to understand why the City of Cape Town was adamant to pave over its most productive piece of land, the only thing that has changed are the new lines creasing farmer and founder of the PHA Food and Farming Campaign, Nazeer Sonday’s face.

“I’m scared shitless,” Sonday said.

He has every right to be afraid. On Tuesday, Sonday will go up against the city, the province and a slew of developers armed with just his research and experience, and supported by a single advocate in an attempt to protect the PHA.

The court case has been many years…


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