Namibia: Aminuis Farmers Receive Animal Feed

Farmers in the Aminius constituency on Thursday expressed gratitude for the livestock feed assistance they received through the Omaheke Regional Council.

The farmers received the aid at Corridor 1, Corridor 3, Corridor 4, Corridor 5, Corridor 6 and Corridor 18 from Omaheke governor Festus Ueitele, deputy fisheries minister Sylvia Makgone and chairperson of the Omaheke Regional Council, Ignatius Kariseb.

The officials distributed 58 x 50kg bags of fodder, 58 x 20kg boxes of nutrient blocks and 58 bales of grass, valued at N$38 918.

The beneficiaries each received three bales of grass, three boxes of nutrient blocks and three bags of fodder, as well as 20kg of maize meal and five tins of fish from the drought relief programme.

Ueitele told Nampa the beneficiaries are individuals who were hit hard by the drought and are in dire need assistance but were overlooked as aid recipients of the regional drought relief programme.

“For this outreach, we have beneficiaries in different constituencies of Omaheke. On Wednesday we were at Otjinene, today (Thursday) we are in Aminuis and tomorrow (Friday) we will be heading to the areas in the Gobabis district,” Ueitele said.

Magdelena Molela (63) was one of three beneficiaries at Corridor 3.

“I am very grateful for the goods I received. It came at the right time as one of my cattle has not been able to get up for the past few days because there is nothing to feed on, so hopefully with this fodder, it will recover.”

Sara Motibi (62) was a recipient in Corridor 18.

“I am happy not only because I received feed for my animals but also food for me and my family,” she said.

About 30 additional residents in Corridor 18 also received bags of maize meal and fish.

– Nampa


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