Malawi: Truck Crashes Malawian Driver in Mozambique

A Malawian truck driver has been crashed to death in Mozambique after sleeping under a parked truck.

Mwanza border Immigration spokesperson Pasqual Zulu told a Mozambican online publication that the driver Khatimu Anafi left Malawi on Tuesday evening heading for South Africa.

Zulu said whilst in transit, Anafi opted to sleep at Mussacana trading centre in Mozambique with plans to proceed on Wednesday morning.

However, Zulu said, he was afraid that the truck battery would be stolen so he slept outside his cargo truck together with other truck drivers who had also parked their trucks at the same site.

“Due to rain showers which hit the area, Anafi slept under another parked truck close to rear trailer tyres so that he could ably see any person who would want to steal from his truck.

“On Wednesday morning, upon realizing that all the other trucks had left and it was Anafi’s truck remaining, some people at the trading cntre approached the truck to see what was wrong and it was when he was found dead with his head crashed,” said Zulu.

Zulu said Mozambican security authorities are investigating the matter to find out details of both the truck and driver who killed Anafi.

Zulu said the remains of Anafi were taken to Mwanza district hospital on Wednesday.

Anafi hailed from Kassim village in chief Chowe’s area in Mangochi.


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