Malawi: Malawi Power Black Outs Back As Escom Laments Low Water Levels, Faults

Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom) says power black outs are now back in full swing due to inadequate electricity supply blamed on faults on low water levels.

Health workers using mobile phone light during blackout

In a statement, Escom says currently Aggreko generators are online but the main power supplier, Egenco, is experiencing restrictions to supply to Escom due to failure of their two machines at Kapichira and also failure of the 20MW diesel generators at Mapanga.

“This, combined with further decline in water flow, has resulted in reduction of available power by 86.48MW,” says Escom.

The power distributor says as such it has been forced to implement a six hour rolling power rationing.

Escom says customers have been divided into three groups of A, B and C, with one group starting from 5am to 11am, followed by 10am to 4pm group and the last load-shedding period from 3pm to 9pm.


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