South Africa: The Economic Power of Good News

South Africans are clearly hungry for good news as a Facebook community, #ImStaying, experiences exponential growth in its membership base. It’s a keen reminder of how important consumer confidence – buoyed by hope for the future – is, in boosting growth prospects. This, combined with good news about the progress being made on youth unemployment initiatives, is the recipe for success South Africa needs right now.

Amid all the doom and gloom that surrounds us globally and locally, a recent trend highlights just how hungry South Africans are for good news about their country amid ongoing horror stories of abuse of women, soaring crime rates, and concerns about whether the lights will stay on, and maintaining its investment-grade rating.

On 7 September, a group of South Africans set up a Facebook Group called #ImStaying. Its aim: to honour all those who still believe that we, as a nation, can turn things around. The group goes on to say: “To all those who choose to stay and work together to save this beautiful country we call home! This group belongs to all willing to make a positive difference!”

As it turns out, there are many South Africans who still believe in…


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