South Africa: Joseph Mathunjwa, Evoking God and Hitler, Remains at AMCU Helm As Platinum Wage Talks Rumble On

Amcu’s three-day national congress ended with Joseph Mathunjwa retaining his presidency after no one challenged him for the position. The next big test for Mathunjwa will be the platinum wage talks, which could see a strike vote that legally must be done by secret ballot.

Joseph Mathunjwa remains president of the union he founded, the Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (Amcu), after he was elected at a congress at which he was the only candidate up for the position. This was no surprise.

“I am not a great leader, but I am good… Hitler himself was great, but not good,” Mathunjwa, enigmatic at the best of times, was quoted as saying at the end of the union’s three-day gathering on the East Rand. Mathunjwa, a devout Christian, also evoked God:

“As leaders, we must serve God’s people, and God will serve us, our needs must never be at the expense of the people we lead.”

The overdue national congress was Amcu’s first since 2013 and is one of the boxes it needed to tick to prevent the labour department from revoking its status as a union. The platinum sector will now be the focus of Amcu and Mathunjwa’s attention….


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