Angola: Regeneration Programme of Sonangol Focused On Excellence

Luanda — Angola’s oil firm ?Sonangol? wants to become a reference company in the oil industry in Africa by implementing the ongoing “Regeneration Programme” that covers projects to ensure the improvement of the company’s operational performance and strategic position.

Under regeneration programme, Sonangol has launched various projects in the field of exploration and production, refining, gas, storage, distribution, among others.

Part of these projects has to do with the sale of the company’s assets, totaling 70, whose the amount will help finance other projects spread throughout the oil industry chain.

The “Sonangol Privatisation Programme” was presented by the company’s Executive Administrator, Josina Baião, at the Methodological Seminar on the Privatisation Programme, sponsored by Government on Friday in Luanda.

Josina Baião stated that Sonangol seeks, with this action, to increase exploration activities to identify more oil resources and reserves and the development of projects focused on production.

Focusing on the crude oil and natural gas value chain, Sonangol wants to have products to refine by installing a platform at the Luanda refinery and future units to be installed in northern Cabinda province and Lobito (coastal Benguela province).

Still, under Sonangol’s regeneration programme, the company plans to install an ocean terminal in Barra do Dande (northern Bengo province), to allow increased storage of fuel and derivatives onshore, as much of the storage of fuel and derivatives is currently fluctuating in ships, besides being very costly is limited,” stressed Josina Baiao.

As for the eastern region of the country, Sonangol also plans to install a storage point in the Saurimo city, eastern Lunda Sul province.

In terms of distribution, the programme includes improvements for the aviation sector, especially for 4 de Fevereiro International Airport in Luanda, and for lubricant manufacturing, among others.

According to Josina Baião, all these actions respond to Sonangol’s departure from the role of national concessionaire.


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