South Africa: Industry Master Plan – Not a Chicken in Every Pot, but a Lot More Pots

The Department of Trade and Industry (dti) met with local poultry players on Monday, 10 September to discuss the pillars of a master plan envisioned for the South African market, as reported by the Business Maverick a fortnight ago. Minister Ebrahim Patel has been adamant that a pure-protectionism approach is a no-go, and his mind has not changed, but the list of talking points has. It is much longer, which is seen in a positive light, the fact that the transformation agenda is way down that list, however, is not.

The poultry industry has taken its first significant steps in setting up an industry master plan to take the sector forward.

On the one hand, South African producers have struggled to resolve the competition and pricing challenges posed by a surge in imports, while on the other hand, local importers have been trying to process the threat of an 82% increase in tariffs.

But the local poultry industry has faced a plethora of headwinds and suffered numerous casualties over the last few years, including avian flu outbreaks. This year it felt further pressure with rising input costs, particularly those for feed, transportation, energy and labour, as well as declining consumer…


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