Uganda: Igg Calls for Amendment of Punishment for Civil Servants

The Inspector General of Government (IGG), Ms Irene Mulyagonja, has called for the amendment of Public Service Standing Orders 2010, so that public servants who aide fraud, are severely punished.

Ms Mulyagonja reasoned that the current set of punishment provided such as caution, reprimand and warning are a mockery in the fight against corruption.

“Sometimes a civil servant is not prosecuted because we don’t have enough evidence to adduce in court beyond reasonable doubt as it’s demanded and yet an offence has been committed. What happens in such scenarios, is that we recommend to the Public Service Commission or to the accounting officer that disciplinary measures be taken against such an officer,” Ms Mulyagonja said yesterday.

She was in Entebbe speaking at the closure of a two-day retreat of justices of Court of Appeal on how to combat corruption.


“The highest disciplinary measure that can be taken against a public servant is dismissal and yet it’s very difficult to dismiss one because before you dismiss him or her, you must have gone through other disciplinary measures provided for under the Public Service Standing 0rders 2010.

So in many cases, these officials go scot free and yet their actions have been detrimental to government,” she said

Ms Mulyagonja said while investigating corruption, sometimes they find the whole department of a ministry involved but some officials are not directly involved because they just aided the fraud.


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