Tanzania: 6 Livestock Vaccines Developed – Official

TANZANIA has been successful, through local manufacturers, to develop six varieties of vaccines for livestock and expects to make public three of them come December this year.

The move is aimed at assuring livestock keepers that their productivity will be enhanced.

This was revealed by the Deputy Minister for Livestock and Fisheries, Mr Abdallah Ulega, during a working tour here, during which he met livestock keepers and listened to their challenges. He met a livestock keeper, Mr Laurent Marandu who has 150 cows.

He told the minister that he lacks expertize on how to develop his small field to produce enough feed for them. He asked the minister to order officials to visit live-stock keepers and give them guidance.

Another pastoralist, Mr Zuberi Munga, who practices modern animal husbandry, told the minister that he faces a shortage of cattle feeds, asking for a solution.

He also told the minister that he intends to establish two industries for processing crops such as maize and sunflower by 2022.

Mr Ulega told the pastoralists that the ministry was planning to come up with new regulations that sought to safeguard pastures for livestock as well as making it a requirement for livestock keepers to vaccinate their cattle.

He said that the government was also intending to eradicate cattle diseases because there were enough vaccinations and drugs for the purpose. He called upon Kiteto councillors to support the government in ensuring that laws and regulations were adhered to.

Mr Ulega noted that by so doing, the quality of livestock would be improved and enable them fetch higher prices in the market within and outside the country.

He said the quality of meat being produced currently was questionable, calling upon keepers to pull up their socks.


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