Mozambique: Simango Promises ‘Decent Jobs’ for Young People

Maputo — Quelimane (Mozambique), 3 Sep (AIM) – The leader and presidential candidate of the Mozambique Democratic Movement (MDM), Daviz Simango, continued a tour of the central province of Zambezia on Monday with a rally in the provincial capital, Quelimane, where he promised that, if the MDM wins the elections scheduled for 15 October, it will provide decent jobs for young people.

Employment and mechanised agriculture were key themes of Simango’s speeches, not only in Quelimane, but in the districts of Gurue, Ile, Mocubela and Mulevala.

“It’s time to say “enough!” and to fight for a Mozambique for all, by casting your votes for the MDM and for Daviz Simango on 15 October”, he urged the crowd in the Ile district capital, Erego.

He said it was inconceivable that many young people with professional qualifications remain unemployed which he blamed on the “ineffective” policies pursued by the current government. “We must not allow young people to spend an entire generation looking for jobs, even though they have the necessary skills for the social and economic development of the country”, declared Simango.

The MDM programme, he said, advocated five pillars for the development of Mozambique: namely, the preservation of peace and democracy and the consolidation of national cohesion; economic development and job creation; the development of infrastructures; social balance; and the participation of Mozambique in the international context.

This is similar to the priorities outlined by the ruling Frelimo Party, and by President Filipe Nyusi, who has also chosen job creation as a major them for his re-election campaign.

Simango declared that the time had come for change, and for developing concrete policies to speed up macro-economic development, and reduce the country’s dependence.

On Tuesday, Simango plans to turn northwards to the districts of Pebane and Gile, before entering the neighbouring province of Nampula.


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