South Africa: Lexus RC F and Track Edition – Stylish Speed Demons That Walk the Torque

With Mercs, Audis and Beemers ruling the premium sport coupé roost, the brutish new Lexus RC F and Track Edition may just inspire speed lovers to look east.

It’s not often a girl journo writes off a 4-door V8 Ferrari California, and manages to claw herself back into the insular boys club of the South African motoring media. I did. Five years ago almost to the day, on 2 September 2014 as the motoring editor of a popular women’s magazine, I took the Italian stallion out for a test drive to celebrate 14 years clean and sober. Go figure.

On the way back to the dealership, I made an error of judgment and T-boned a tractor-heavy, long-wheelbase 7-seat Pajero. As airbags bashed into my breastbone, the Ferrari pirouetted across two lanes, pieces of metal, wheels and doors flying. Chances of survival were slim. I’ve sometimes been called the cat with nine lives. On that spring day, on a back street in Benmore, Sandton, I definitely was afforded a miraculous tenth – as were my three passengers, who all walked away from Italian metal mayhem with hardly a scratch.

The same couldn’t be said about the Ferrari. Total write-off. Excess bill…


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Author: skvaller

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