Sudan: Tranistional Military Council – Economic Problem Is a Priority for Us

Khartoum — The Transitional Military Council (TMC) has announced that the problem of the economy, particularly the scarcity of goods and services that caused the protests and led to change, was the priority of the Council.

“The problem of the economy is a cumulative problem, and we will use all the expertise and broad energies to overcome the deteriorating economic situation,” the Chairman of the TMC Political Committee Omar Zain-al-Abideen spoke to a news conference on Friday.

He added that, for the importance of the issue of the economy, an economic committee has been establishment, in addition to the security and political committees, adding that there is ongoing work to secure the strategic reserve and people’s livelihood.

The Chairman of the Political Committee said that they responded to the demands of the people to receive power for the safeguarding of the security of the country and to create an umbrella under which all the concerned parties are to sit togther for dialogue and consultations on the economic problems and to take the visions and contributions of everyone for the solution within the framework of a comprehensive change.

He pointed out that the Transitional Military Council has no ready solutions, but the civilian government that will be formed is to pay great attention to the economy and return it to the path of growth and abundance.



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