Mauritius: 18 Fisheries Protection Officers Recruited to Strengthen Fisheries Sector

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A total of 18 newly-recruited Fisheries Protection Officers were awarded certificates, on Friday 29 March 2019, after having successfully completed an Induction Course. The award ceremony was held at the Fisheries Training and Extension Centre in Pointe aux Sables in the presence of the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Ocean Economy, Marine Resources, Fisheries and Shipping, Mr V.K. Daby, and other personalities.

Speaking on behalf of the Minister of Ocean Economy, Marine Resources, Fisheries and Shipping, the Permanent Secretary highlighted that the newly-recruited Fisheries Protection Officers have been employed with a view to strengthen the service and provide support in better protecting the maritime resources of Mauritius.

The induction course held from 18 to 29 March 2019, Mr Daby pointed out, offered a platform for the Officers to have an overview of the Ministry’s mission, vision and objectives as well as the work being carried out by the Fisheries Protection Service (FPS). Following this course, he said, these Officers will be provided practical training on field duties at the level of the four Regional Head Quarters. The Police Training School will also provide training to the newly-recruited Fisheries Protection Officers on self-defence and the use of weapons as per their scheme of duties, he indicated.

As for modernising the fisheries service, the Permanent Secretary stated that new equipment, such as new patrol and speed boats, have been procured and provided to the FPS in order to help the Fisheries Protection Officers carry out their duties effectively and efficiently, thus contributing to combat illegal fishing.

With regard to the closure of octopus fishing, Mr Daby underlined that this exercise has been a success for the past three years adding that individuals who were found fishing octopus during the closed period had been fined. This year, he said, the FPS will have to make additional effort to effectively carry out awareness campaigns, monitoring and control exercises so as to prevent people from breaching regulations.


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