Uganda: Civil Servants to Get 30% Pay Raise

Kampala — The Ministry of Public Service has presented a revised salary schedule to Parliament seeking approval of mass salary enhancement for various civil servants with some categories such as teachers projected to get up to 30 per cent increment.

The schedule presented to the parliamentary Committee on Public Service and Local Government yesterday proposes the salary enhancements for public servants starting July 1.

The schedule was presented by the Minister of State for Public Service, Mr David Karubanga.

If the schedule is adopted, a primary school head teacher will earn Shs1m, up from Shs814,000 while their secondary school counterpart will pocket Shs3m and high school teachers of both arts and sciences earn Shs1.6m.

Ms Catherine Bitarakwate, the ministry’s Permanent Secretary, said the schedules for teachers’ pay were revised to bridge the salary gap between teachers of humanities and sciences as recommended by Parliament.

“This was a position of this House and we have decided to keep reducing the gap between science and arts teachers and we hope we have addressed your concerns,” she said.

Ms Bitarakwate said government intends to recruit 5,100 new teachers, adding that the salary enhancement will be a gradual process.

Under the proposed revised salary schedule, the Director of Public Prosecutions will receive Shs15m up from Shs5.57m.

The Principal State Attorney will earn Shs3m, an increase of Shs100,000.

However, Senior State Attorneys and State Attorneys’ salary will remain at Shs2m and Shs1.7m respectively.

The Chief Registrar of Courts will get Shs15.4m up from Shs5.7m, registrars will get Shs5.4m up from Shs5m, deputy registrars will earn Shs4.8m from Shs4.5m while a Chief Magistrate will earn Shs3.7m up from Shs3.5m.

The Accountant General, whose pay is Shs3.42m, will earn Shs5.4m and the same increment will be applied to the Deputy Secretary to the Treasury.

The Secretary to Treasury’s salary will move several levels up to Shs15m from Shs3m. Commissioners will earn Shs3.6m, up from Shs2.3m.

District chairpersons are slated to earn Shs2.8m, an increase of Shs300,000 while vice chairpersons will get Shs2.1m, almost twice their salary.

However, the President and Vice President will remain at a salary of Shs3.6m and Shs11.2m respectively. Salaries for Cabinet ministers and Prime Minister will be maintained at Shs11.2m.

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