Public: Dissecting the Wormhole Theory – What did I Experience?

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I used Einstein’s Thought Experiment to understand a wormhole

This is a clever way to use your mind. Einstein used it to start with as an experiment led by two German scientists. The point was that Einstein actually made most of his inventions without a laboratory. This was what I came up with after my own wormhole experience:

A wormhole can do two things, it can speed time up or slow it down. If time is slowed down, we can walk a thousand miles in only a minute. In the wormhole, we can use each fraction of a second as a minute and it won’t affect us at all. If we speed ourselves up with the help of a machine like a spaceship inside the wormhole, the fraction will become a fraction of the fraction. Still on the outside of the wormhole, time passes normal and to us who belong outside the wormhole do too. This means, as long as you’re in a wormhole, time will not pass or time will pass very little while you will have time to build a house. Problem is the question about the atoms. Since the atoms have a specific decay time!

I can assure you, you have at one point in your life, travelled in a wormhole!

The second wormhole we will try is the opposite to the one we just travelled in, and it speed time up instead. You have surely experienced it at some point in life, since it is the easiest wormhole to catch. Let us recall that memory and build a scenario where we are seeing a vase falling from our kitchen table. It wobbles and fall because of a vibration from the outside. Can you imagine a excavator replacing, forcing and breaking the outside porch? The vase -which you only stand twenty centimeters from- falls and break because you’re all of a sudden too slow to reach in time!

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